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Electrical Code Assessments

Code observance is essential in keeping modern homes safe and their electrical systems functioning properly. Technology is improving constantly, and the electrical field is no exception. Each year the national electrical code is tweaked and revised to improve the safety and reliability of homes and business around the country.

If you are uncertain if your home’s electrical system has been installed to modern code standards, call us and our IEC-Certified technicians will assess your home’s electrical system.

Electrical Troubleshooting

If you have difficulty with your home’s electrical system but can’t identify the problem, you need a licensed electrician to troubleshoot your system for you.

Common faults include loose wires, failed receptacles, faulty fixtures, etc., though a thorough diagnosis from one of our technicians is required to accurately identify the problem.

Smoke Detectors

Many Ohio residents die every year in house fires, a largely preventable tragedy. Smoke detectors are required by modern building codes because they dramatically improve your chance of survival in the event of a house fire. If your home doesn’t have smoke alarms, or, doesn’t have enough of them, you should address that need immediately. It is recommended that you have several alarms installed on every level of your home.

For smoke detector installation or to service a faulty smoke detector, call us today.


If it lights up, we can service it. If you’re having trouble with your current lighting fixtures (flickering, dimming, etc), we can diagnose and solve your problem. Or, if you’re looking to install additional lighting at home, we’ll advise you the best way to proceed and perform the installation in a timely, tidy manner.

Outlet and Switch Installation

Tired of struggling to find a convenient outlet? Spending too much time fumbling in the dark for a light switch? Put an end to it with our outlet and switch installation services!

We’ll install outlets and switches to get the most out of your home’s design, as well as adding the convenience of placing your appliances exactly where you need them. Our professional installation techniques and procedures will give you a new plug or switch without knowing we were there.


In Dayton, Ohio, we are painfully aware of the unreliable weather and the frequent power outages it causes. Whole-house generators are essential in keeping your lights on and appliances running. Generators are typically installed directly into your home’s electrical power panel, and the sizes and options range from keeping your essential appliances such as your refrigerator and furnace running to operating every electrical fixture in your home.

Give yourself peace of mind that, whenever your home loses power, your generator will keep your lights and appliances running as well as your sump pump or freezer!

Surge Protection

Like most modern homes, yours is probably equipped with expensive electronic equipment and appliances throughout. All of these units are susceptible to complete failure if your home experiences a power surge.

Power surges and spikes are more common every year due to the weather and the local utilities operations. Eliminate the risk with our electrical panel surge protection installations.

This inexpensive procedure will save you thousands of dollars on costly home equipment replacement and repairs should they experience a power surge. Given the violent electrical storms we experience in Ohio, it’s the best way to protect your equipment!

Ceiling Fans

Looking to keep your summer electrical bill low while avoiding the sweltering heat of Ohio summers? Ceiling fans will stretch your budget while cooling you with a constant breeze.

Our ceiling fan installations give you many options to choose from, including remote controlled operation, dimmer switches, diverse mounting options, and various designs to match your home.

If you’re installing a ceiling fan, leave it to our licensed electricians to ensure your fan is properly installed.

Panel Upgrades

Your home’s electrical panel (sometimes referred to as an electric box, electric board, breaker box, service panel, distribution center, etc) is the heart of you electrical system. The panel controls the amount of electricity coming from the electric company to your home, and as such it should be properly cared for.

A well-maintained panel will prevent serious damage to your electrical system and appliances. If you’ve been having “mysterious” issues with your electrical panel or breakers, or you’d like to add a major component to your home’s electrical system, call us and we’ll advise you the best way to go about it.

Breakers and Fuses

Circuit breakers are located within your electrical panel, controlling the flow of electricity to certain areas of your home. Large appliances sometimes operate on their own circuit breaker, but often, your home will have several outlets on one circuit.

If your breakers have tripped recently due to a power overload, they will most likely need to be replaced. Or, if you are looking to install a large appliance that requires a dedicated circuit, give us a call right away.

New Appliance Services

Installing a new washer and dryer? Ready for a new Plasma/LED/LCD television? Finally ready to replace your old gas stove with a modern electric one? We are more than capable of working with you in installing your new appliance whatever it may be, and whatever work needs to be done.

If you need a complete panel upgrade, a new circuit breaker, or simply a new outlet installed, we’ll be more than happy to help you do it.

Hot Tub and Swimming Pool Wiring

What better way to enjoy your time at home and increase your property value than a pool or hot tub? If you’re installing a pool or hot tub soon, don’t let it cause you more trouble than pleasure!

Hot tubs and swimming pools need filtration systems that can often be complex and power hungry, so they should be carefully installed with an understanding of how it will affect the rest of your home’s electrical system.

Life safety for Hot tubs and swimming pools are critical. Starting at the beginning is the electric feeding this equipment. Too many errors during installation can lead to someone’s death. This is not a quick and easy installation and all care should be given and work double checked to ensure a safe result for the family.

Call us and one of our licensed electricians will assist you in planning your best course of action.

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